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Coca Cola in Trouble in China, Social Media Made It a Trend Topic reported at 14:42 China time today that Minute Maid (fresh strawberry flavor) from Coca Cola is suspected to have caused the death of a 10-year-old boy and his mother unconscious in Changchun, China. Following clinical diagnosis organophosphate poisoning is suspected to be the cause. Investigations from the local Public Security Department found that the remaining drink contains highly toxic pesticides.

The Changchun municipal government has instructed the relevant departments to identify the cause of the incident. On the morning of 30th November, the Food Safety Commission Office of Changchun City sent out a warning through local TV: Do not drink Minute Maid (fresh strawberry flavor) from Coca Cola. If there is still deposit at home, citizens should contact the office of the local Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau immediately.

At noon time on 30th Nov. Coca Cola products have already been moved from the shelves from several supermarkets in Changchun city.

A tweet from Global Entrepreneur (Magazine) at 16:06 has increased the public attention to the case. In less than 20 minutes, GE not only tweeted about the news, but also forwarded the warning of the Food Safety Commission Office of Changchun City. Two hours later, Minute Maid poisoning case stayed in the trend topic at Sina Weibo, China’s No. 1 microblog. 52073 tweets about the Minute Maid case were posted at Weibo, and it is still snowballing.


In the meantime Coca-Cola has reacted and works closely with the authorities.

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